Digital history

Going through my archive, I found this packaging design for an email service. I designed it back in 1998 when an emails software needed a whole lot of floppy disks 720 KB double-density.  CDs with 700 MB were very impressive.  Today you can buy 128 TB on SD cards if you keep your files away from cloud storage.

More info about the project

At the Art Club, we are excited to be taking part in ‘The New Cross Art Wall Project’. The project is a series of permanent visual works that improve the area and have a strong local resonance. This ‘gallery’ will be a series of 17 connected artworks that represent the area in the past, present and future. The site is a featureless long wall alongside the busy A202. The project will creatively assert New Cross as more than just an intersection of 2 major arterial routes.

The kids’ work will be presented on one of the 17 panels of the project. The theme for the designs is South East London past, present and future with a focus on New Cross. The location is the long wall that runs from Somerville to the Fire Station on Queens Road, New Cross.

Art Club

Starting: Monday 24th September
Fees: £8 per session

An after school sessions for children age 8-12. Participants will be collected from Edmund Waller Primary and to escorted to Jacqui Shimidzu’s house for each session. They will have a light snack, then take part in art activities for 45 minutes to one hour (depending on their attention span) Parents need to collect children at the house at 5 p.m.

The aim is to improve children’s visual literacy and increase their confidence to enable them to express themselves through artwork. We understand every child has a different way of learning and level of talent. We try to motivate children to explore creative activities that will unleash their abilities. We will also be organising a visit to an art museum or exhibit at least once a term.

We are taking part in The New Cross Art Wall Project

For booking or more information contact, Jacqui on 07540687267 / Maryam on 07940497291


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